Bingo in the Neon Lights

Review of Neon Bingo

Bright colors, city lights, and the overall mayhem that can be seen in places like Times Square in New York City and Piccadilly Circus in London immediately spring to mind when people hear the term “neon.” Not to mention the mega-metropolises of the Far East, such as Tokyo, Shanghai, and Seoul, to name a few.

Unfortunately for those individuals, Neon Bingo, which was created in 2013, does not exactly live up to its enviable reputation. When the site goes up, the first thing you notice is how much black has been utilized on the screen, which is a significant amount. This is done to highlight the bright pink, baby blue, and electric yellow of the real neon-style typeface, which we get, but it’s still not a very good reason. When it comes to developing something that incorporates neon lighting effects but isn’t nearly as dark and ominous as this, the developers might have done a far better job.

Consider the film Bladerunner.

However, this does not imply that we disapprove of the broader notion. If you can even call it a notion at this point. You get a sense of something filthy about the way the words are displayed to you on the site, while simultaneously getting a sense of something rather futuristic. That rain-soaked Los Angeles of miles in the future, resplendent with both neon colored lights and monochromatic blacks and greys for the towering, almost monolithic buildings that rise well over the heads of people who live on the grimy and crime-ridden streets, quickly comes to mind.

It is likely that if you have ever visited Kuala Lumpur, you have had first-hand experience with this kind of stuff. Only the skyscrapers in Ridley Scott’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s book are often brighter, or at the very least glassier, as compared with the towers in the novel. In the latter case, these are physical structures that have been taken right from one of Orwell’s countless Ministries. In Malaysia’s capital, the majority of the buildings are made of gleaming, shimmering steel. In spite of this, they stare down on roads that are strewn with destitution; futuristic technology meets the poor and the forgotten.

Sorry, We Thought This Was a Review of a Bingo Game?

No, we’re the ones who should be sorry; it’s very easy to get carried away when you’re having a good time. It’s all about staying focused, and Neon Bingo is a beautifully designed website that manages to elicit ideas such as those we’ve just discussed. Upon visiting the website’s home page for the first time, you’ll see that its logo is shown in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, and that below it is a large advertising (in neon, of course), which prompts you to input an invite code. Clearly, this implies that somewhere out there in the huge neverending entity known as the internet, there are Neon Bingo promo codes available, which should allow you to get a better deal on your purchase. Unfortunately, we don’t have one on hand, so please accept our apologies for not going into further depth.

The fact that the first impression is that Neon Bingo is a closed-off group, an invite-only game where you need to know someone in order to get access, is another concern. In reality, anybody may join up for a free account by clicking on the “Join Now” button at the top of the site, which is fast and simple. Even we, as frequent casino and bingo website reviewers, had to double-check the tiny language at first to be sure this was a free-for-all opportunity for all players.

Let’s Talk About the Games.

There are no issues. So, click on the Games option at the top of the screen, and you’ll be taken to a page that explains precisely what games are available and what those games include, as well as how to access them. As you would guess, the first option consists entirely of bingo games, which are available in three different variations. As a matter of fact, when you stop and think about it, there aren’t that many committed bingo players out there, so three is a number that may create consternation among them. Despite this, all of the games are of very good quality.

The games on offer include 90-Ball Bingo, which is our personal favorite, 75-Ball Bingo, which is nearly as fantastic, and lastly High 5 Bingo, which isn’t actually a thing but was invented by the makers here. Instead, it’s simply plain old bingo, the kind you may remember from your elementary school days. Simply create a row of five, whether it’s across, down, or diagonally. The greater the number of landings, the greater the reward. It’s fairly simple stuff, and we have to admit that this ended up being our favorite, but please don’t accuse us of being complete novices. We do this because we are professional bingo website reviewers.